Give your candidates a great examination experience and boost confidence

ProctorPro is designed for candidate excellence. A no nonsense, easy to use exam portal.

Live proctored exams

Host your exams with our live virtual proctoring service.

Unproctored exams

Host unproctored exams for free and validate candidate skills.

Highly scalable

Hosting exams for a small batch or million users,leave it to us.

Tailored for your needs

ProctorPro is tailored for online exams, plug in your brand and increase visibility.

Pay only for what you use

Billed only for the what you use, no upfront payments or contracts.

Exams anytime, anywhere

Your candidates can schedule exams round the clock and take exams from anywhere.


Automate certificate issuing and validation for all successful candidates

Automate candidate verification and issue certificates to successful candidates

Certificate validation

ProctorPro verifies, conducts live audits and validates candidate exams before issuing certificates

Successful candidate register

A successful candidate register for certificate verification

Validity tracking

Actively track certificate validation and send reminders to renewal

Plug in your design

Plug in your own design or simply talk to our team to design your certificates

APIs for seamless data transmission

Export candidate details and exams results real time to your database

Professional reports

A detailed exam report by candidate and meaningful insights for your growth


Digital credentials for your candidates and workforce

Issue sharable digital badges, grow your brand and sales with no additional effort

Digital badges

Digital credentials for demonstrated competencies and skills.

Verified skills

Empower your candidates to achieve full potential based on their verified skills.

Enhanced analytics

Analytics to gain meaning insights on your program performance and skill distributions.

Security and privacy

Enterprise grade security for your organization and your candidates.

Automate badge issue

One time setup and ProctorPro runs the show for you thereafter

Make better decisions

Your candidates can schedule exams round the clock and take exams from anywhere.

With tyootr your growth is unlimited

ProctorPro is designed for your growth. Save costs at scale and find new channels to market your products and certification program globally

Highly scalable
10 or a million exams, we got you covered
Low costs
Pay only for what you use, no hidden costs or contracts
Build your online store
Set up your online store and sell exams directly to your students
Sales channels
Grow your sales by listing in tyootr marketplace and other partner companies

ProctorPro is for everyone





Certification providers

Government & Public Sectors

Enterprise trust & security

Stay updated with the latest information on the security, reliability, privacy, and compliance of our products and services. You always have greater control of how your organization stores content.

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