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Get globally recognized by gaining accreditation with some leading certification bodies

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Built on a robust system to ease your accreditation process

Getting your accreditation status can be needlessly complicated, we have made this easy for you.

Quality management system

Tyootr products are built on a robust quality management system and confirms requirements set by all major accreditation bodies.

Trainer accreditation

Get your trainer accredited or hire accredited trainers from Tyootr trainer marketplace for your training classes.

Accreditation and affiliate status

Get your organization the license and intellectual property rights to market and sell highly popular certification courses in the market.

Courseware accreditation

Create your own courseware and get accredited or simply use the accredited courseware or pre-approved materials available in the course marketplace for your training classes.

Be the first to to know and launch new courses

Early access

Gain early access to new course releases, content, expert insights to plan your next big course launch.

Market report and insights

Get market reports and expert insights from accreditation bodies to increase your sales and profits.

Train the trainer

Get your trainers ready to deliver certification courses. access to train the trainer classes and exams delivered by leading accreditation bodies.


Hear from the industry experts on compliance, trends and growth analysis. get expert advice on tools and resources you need to scale your growth.

Become an Aqonta Certified Training Partner

Tyootr is the sole examination institute to deliver all Aqonta’s accreditation and services worldwide. Tyootr will be responsible to accredit training companies and administer certification exams. certified training partners(CTP’s) will be licensed to market and sell Aqonta certification programmes.

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