At tyootr, our goal is to provide fast and flexible access to all resources you need to scale your business. scalable technology, quick access to funding and connect with experts who can help your business grow are part of all subscription plans.

Scalable technology

Technology which scales as you grow. reliable, scalable and affordable cloud solutions for all educators.

Get funds quickly

Get access to funds and credit facilities to grow your business. no applications and collateral required, eligibility is solely determined based on you history with tyootr.

Learn from the best

Connect with mentors and business experts to gain valuable insights to grow your business. learn the best practices from top CEO’s, CFO’s and VP’s.

Auto scalable technology

Your business is deployed with the best cloud service provider with tyootr. whether you teach 10 or a million students, just focus on your teaching while your technology is auto scalable at no additional cost.

Capital from tyootr

Get funds for your marketing campaign, next hire, cash flows, marketplace credits etc., in minutes. flexible repayment options, no late fees, no collateral and no processing fee. designed for your growth.

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