Educators can now integrate their preferred payment gateway with tyootr storefront

Santa Clara, CA
Mar 13, 2019

tyootr Inc., education technology and services software company, today announced that trainingPro and edOS platform subscribers can integrate their favorite payment gateway to their storefront. This is a significant step to provide maximum control over their finances and also strategically help them save costs on transaction charges.

“The industry currently takes a transaction charge on every sale and delayed payouts cause a major hurdle for subscribers to fulfill their orders. We wanted to hand complete control of finances to our subscribers and they can integrate their customers' choice of payment method in their website. Currently over 30 payment gateway providers are listed in tyootr and integrating these payment gateway to their storefront is quick and easy” said, Santosh Bojarajan, CEO and Founder, tyootr Inc.

Payment integrations are a major hurdle, requiring some technical expertise to implement. At times, a service like this exposes your wordpress or other websites and backend to third parties developers. Companies capitalize on this to use their payment mechanism and charge a premium transaction fee and hold sales revenue for a longer time before payouts. With storefront and payment integrations, tyootr has democratized the education industry by handing the subscribers a complete control of how they operate.

All major domestic and global payment gateways are available with the option to collect payments in multiple currencies. TrainingPro and edOS users can set their primary storefront currency from their account. The storefront content and pricing can be tailored based on the visitor location. This enables tyootr subscribers to price their course in multiple currencies and collect payments directly to their bank accounts.

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