Tyootr announces accreditation marketplace to simplify course, trainer and organization accreditation process

Santa Clara, CA
June 04, 2020

tyootr Inc., education technology and services software company, today announced its marketplace expansion with accreditation services. Tyootr last year partnered with Aqonta as a sole Examination Institute managing their accreditation and certification exams. The marketplace for accreditation bodies is a natural expansion into the accreditation and certification delivery industry for professional courses.

Tyootr will partner with major accreditation bodies to help them acquire more training partners globally. This strategic partnership will help accreditation bodies accelerate their growth by training more trainers, acquiring more customers, publishing content and certification exams (proctored and unproctored) and conducting multiple events. The marketplace and tyootr technology stack will also help the accreditation bodies reduce their technology costs and increase productivity.

“Accreditation can be needlessly complicated and time consuming for educators or institutions. Tyootr aims at simplifying the entire trainer, content and company accreditation process to reach the market faster” - said, Santosh Bojarajan, Founder & CEO of tyootr Inc.

Build on a robust quality management system, educators and training institutes need not create additional work flow or processes to adhere to policies set by accreditation bodies. Tyootr platform is compliant with all policies set by accreditation bodies on customer acquisition, booking systems, event management, content and trainers sourced from marketplace etc. This makes it easier for companies to focus on sales and course delivery, rather than focussing on compliant issues. Yearly audits are also streamlined and takes less effort for both accreditation bodies and training companies.

Professional training and certification industry is currently underserved with poor technology and examination services. Tyootr marketplace for accreditation and tyootr exams will bring a fresh approach in providing the candidate a great examination experience. From a exam taker stand point, tyootr will simplify for the process of examinations and provide meaningful insights through exam reports.

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