Tyootr announces a strategic partnership with Aqonta

Santa Clara, CA
June 20, 2017

tyootr Inc., education technology and services software company, is in advanced talks with Aqonta for delivery of accreditation and examination services for global competence framework certifications offered by Aqonta.

The partnership will help Aqonta leverage Tyootr’s technology and existing customer base to offer their certification programs. Tyootr’s platform hosts professional training companies and professional trainers who are the primary target audience for Aqonta. This strategic partnership will take Aqonta to a global market at a faster pace and help grow their partner network.

“This is an interesting space and has a lot of potential to be tapped. We find this space is currently underserved, Tyootr aims to build the technology and marketplace around our existing subscribers who are basically educators. Partnership with Aqonta will enable our subscribers to offer a wide range of training programs for their students and we are working to make that space easily scalable” - said, Relix John, CTO, tyootr Inc.

This partnership will open up tyootr exams and accreditation services to test owners for commercial expansion. “Accreditation for professional courses is complex and time consuming. The structure currently in place is not scalable for accreditation bodies and training companies alike. Tyootr will make this simple for both the parties to build profitable and scalable business” - said Santosh Bojarajan, Founder & CEO, tyootr Inc.

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