Tyootr bags examination institute rights for Aqonta certification courses

Santa Clara, CA
Jul 08, 2017

tyootr Inc., education technology and services software company, today announced their strategic partnership with Aqonta Inc as an exclusive accreditation and examination partner. All training companies will henceforth be accredited by Tyootr to start delivering Aqonta certifications.

This expanded multi-year agreement is based on extensive process and discussion with several other organizations. Tyootr Inc has emerged the winner by providing a detailed accreditation guideline to the companies looking to be an Aqonta CTP (Certified Training Partner), ease of accreditation process, robust exam guidelines and processes, secure exam delivery and technical innovation. Joining hands of these 2 giants promises better solutions and technology to the candidates as well as training companies.

“We are glad and excited to work with Aqonta and their board of directors. The vision the team brings into professional education is fascinating. At tyootr we are always looking for and fascinated about educations and solutions solving most pressing problems within the education sector. There’s a long way ahead and we have a clear plan and vision to scale millions of careers with Aqonta’s global competence framework powered by technology.” - Santosh Bojarajan, CEO, tyootr Inc.

The accreditation services are seamless which starts with a simple form to be filled by the training companies. Each of the training organizations are evaluated on various metrics and qualification processes to ensure the students receive the best in quality training to advance their career. Certified training partners(CTP’s) will be able to purchase courseware and exam vouchers through tyootr partner portal.

Organization, courseware and trainer accreditation

Aqonta in partnership with Tyootr has developed courseware for all certification programmes which can be purchased and directly from the Tyootr partner portal. CTP’s are also allowed to develop their own courseware for classroom and e-learning modules for the certification courses based on the content available in the tyootr partner portal.

To become a Aqonta Certified Trainer, the training companies are required to submit the trainer profile and the course certificates the trainer intends to teach to Tyootr accreditation team.

Compliance and audit

Tyootr will also ensure compliance and regular audits are part of the certified training partner program to enable the highest standard of training programs.

About Aqonta

Aqonta is a global leader to manage and develop global competence framework certifications. The competence framework draws tested methodology from several successful projects and good practices used across various industries.

Aqonta qualification ensures individuals to drive efficiency and growth to their organizations. The framework is vendor neutral and can be applied to any industry. Aqonta frameworks are trusted and implemented in several organizations globally.

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