Tyootr expands its trainer marketplace with additional freelancer services

Santa Clara, CA
Mar 26, 2020

tyootr Inc., education technology and services software company, today announced it’s expansion of its professional services marketplace “Gigs by tyootr” to host additional services related to online education business market.

Gigs by tyootr has already 3000+ professional trainers who offer teaching/ training services to educators and institutions using tyootr products (trainingPro and edOS). The expansion will now open for content writers, video editors, digital marketers and more service providers who can add value to the educators and institutions looking for short-long term gigs.

Gigs by tyootr will also provide an option for freelancers to learn new skills, apply for gigs or get hired by institutions and educators. Tyootr with its accreditation partners and leading product companies globally, will roll out “train the trainer” sessions and other skill development programs to expand freelancer services portfolio.

“Tyootr marketplace is a great place for educators and institutions to expand their product offerings. Often we see individual educators and education start-ups using our platform seeking services such as content writers, digital marketers, financial experts etc., for their businesses. Gigs by tyootr will bridge this gap by offering these services with a pool of professionals' ' said Relix John, CTO, tyootr Inc.

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