Tyootr launches storefront to help educators create e-learning websites

Santa Clara, CA
Sep 20, 2018

tyootr Inc., education technology and services software company, today launched storefront a premium website creator . Storefront is integrated within trainingPro and edOS, allowing users to create their own online/ e-commerce learning website. Storefront seamlessly integrates with all functionalities within the platform, therefore automating student access, lead/ sales captures, online payments etc.,

Tyootr Storefront is a premium website creator that allows users to build online education websites within minutes. With over 30 premium themes and more themes to come, the storefront enables anyone to create and launch their website in minutes that are scalable for any number of courses. The storefront is backed up tyootr’s robust server capabilities which allows to scale your student volume from 10 to a million at no additional costs.

“We have developed an architecture having enterprise goals in mind. Storefront and the platform together complement each other in terms of security, scalability and user experience. For instance, the platform allows a bandwidth to process over 1000 payment gateway instances every second for each website and over a million concurrent learning instances. This will automatically scale when any subscriber hit the minimum bandwidth mark” - said, Relix John, CTO, tyootr Inc.

This is truly enterprise grade and can help any educator to scale without having to worry about the technology and performance of the website. Storefront comes with a custom domain (yourcompany.tyootr.com) but subscribers can bring in their own domain or transfer their existing domain and host with Tyootr for free. Tyootr is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and brings industry leading security and scaling best practices for your online education business.

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About Tyootr

Tyootr provides innovative education solutions software for educators and businesses of all sizes, making it easy for educators to teach online, acquire students, and keep their students for life. Tyootr SaaS products provide a 360-degree view of the education ecosystem, are ready to go, easy to use and offer quick return on investment. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Tyootr has a dedicated team serving our customers throughout the world. For more information visit www.tyootr.com.

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