Tyootr launches upgraded TrainingPro, edOS and Gigs by Tyootr to provide an unified experience for educators

Santa Clara, CA
Dec 27, 2020

tyootr Inc., education technology and services software company, today unveiled trainingPro, edOS and Gigs by tyootr. The upgraded products will now unify all major tools and resources required to start, manage and scale online education business from a single unified platform. With Tyootr, educators can quickly and easily create courses, websites, manage sales, automate emails, expand their portfolio etc., with simple clicks not code, to better serve their customers and students.

For far too long, this industry has made false promises about a unified education platform that’s never materialized. However, the need for a good education platform has never been greater. Today’s education platforms must organize vast volumes of content, student learning data, customer data from marketing and sales to train its AI, creating a smarter system to help educators grow and scale more efficiently.

This is a major step forward in an industry that has long struggled to back up its claims to actually unite complex student learning data and offer actionable insights. Tyootr eliminates the dependencies on fragmented tools and third party integrations by stitching all necessary tools and resources across legacy SaaS systems. With this, education is elevated from a simple teaching and learning tool into a strategic growth application — automating most of the operation, more reliable forecasting so that sales can quickly know what deals to focus on and most importantly a great customer and student experience.

TrainingPro and edOS makes the most of the Tyootr platform’s flexible, end-to-end platform experience — enabling educators and institutions to quickly customize and extend the solution to further increase student success. The platform delivers out-of-the-box tools to seamlessly integrate tyootr products with external applications using a variety of product APIs, webhooks, and software development kits. The tyootr marketplace also includes more than 3000 courses to enhance and extend your course product suite. With tyootr marketplace, businesses can hire freelancers including professional trainers, get accredited by leading certification bodies and also publish their content in the marketplace for additional sales channels.

TrainingPro is targeted at individual educators, professional training and coaching institutes and corporates helping them set up a scalable e-learning business with an aim to bring down the technology and content development cost to nearly zero. edOS is tailored for K12 and higher education who are looking for a digital transformation. Both trainingPro and edOS is powered by Tyootr Marketplace, connecting freelancers, content and accreditation services complementing the entire education industry ecosystem.

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Tyootr provides innovative education solutions software for educators and businesses of all sizes, making it easy for educators to teach online, acquire students, and keep their students for life. Tyootr SaaS products provide a 360-degree view of the education ecosystem, are ready to go, easy to use and offer quick return on investment. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Tyootr has a dedicated team serving our customers throughout the world. For more information visit www.tyootr.com.

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