Unifying 'Experiences' - Educators, staff, students, processes and beyond

By the time we reach 2025, more than 1 billion people on earth will have attained a post-secondary qualification throughout their lifetimes. Over the next decade 280 million more people will graduate with a post-secondary qualification and more and more learners around the world will opt to study online, with better offerings from colleges, increasing acceptance by employers and advancements in technology. Remember this is only on the number projected for post-secondary qualification and the actual numbers of the entire online education market are projected beyond $325B - a study by Forbes.

This projection was done before the pandemic and the number could go 4X the projected considering the acceptance of online education during and post pandemic. With a cluster of tools and softwares helping educators teach online, we explored what makes it a perfect balance to provide a unified platform for educators to teach and a great learning experience for their students.

In his inaugural keynote, Tyootr Inc CEO Santosh Bojarajan reiterated his vision for Tyootr “Our journey at Tyootr has been around the world of education and creating products which solve the most pressing problems educators face on a day to day basis”. An ‘experience’ is nothing but an event that’s so grand and spectacular that it transcends the boundaries of daily life and gets etched in our memory, to become a part of our being. Our reality is a collection of such experiences—stored, stacked, classified, brought out at will. In a smaller vein, Tyootr products bring unified experience for all stakeholders within the ecosystem.

In our age of hyper-connected, ‘immersive’ AI-driven experiences, technology has the power to shift the coordinates of how we experience the world. The same can be said for software—a software that helps you start, manage and scale online education business at affordable costs and increased productivity. Freed from the burden of clunky tools, you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee breaks. In fact, it might even taste better than usual!

As the pandemic dramatically transformed the ways in which we engage with teaching and learning, the educational SaaS industry is playing a key role in delivering faster, better experiences. It is fair to say that SaaS is taking over the cloud computing market. Gartner predicts that the service-based cloud application industry will be worth $143.7 billion by 2022—a level of growth that will shape SaaS trends.

Educators crave a unified 360-degree experience

Educators today crave for personalized experiences that they can unlock by a single tap. However, when it comes to traditional online education business, experience is scattered over different applications—as teachers buy learning management software, sales teams buy sales software, support teams buy support software, and marketing teams buy marketing automation software. The main problem with these truncated product experiences is that data is siloed, dampening the power of analytics. Needless to say the cost of developing or buying these softwares can cost you mightily even before you close your first sale. We are not discussing the content which is at the core of education.

A new age needs a new platform

Platforms provide powerful enterprise acceleration for future-ready, agile businesses. They are scalable, efficient, and extensible to meet customers’ business needs. Driving cutting-edge teaching, learning, and customer experiences, platforms provide flexibility and contain unified workflows to customize and integrate with your systems.

Tyootr products trainingPro and edOS gives educators unified experience on a SaaS platform. The platform brings all tools and resources required to start and scale online education from day one. No matter what you teach, the platform is everything you need to step up your e-learning courses. With Tyootr marketplace we have redefined the digital platform for online education. The marketplace enables educators to teach beyond their subject matter by hiring certified teachers for their classes or add e-learning courses to their storefront and start selling in minutes. Powered by tyootr marketplace, now anyone can start their own branded online education business.