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Gigs by Tyootr specific terms

Effective starting: September 18, 2020

Your use of Gigs by Tyootr is subject to the terms of the Tyootr Cloud Terms of Service (the “Agreement”) as well as the following additional terms.

This Terms of Use for Gigs by Tyootr (“Gigs by Tyootr Agreement”) constitutes a legally binding agreement made by you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“user” or “you” or “Freelancer”) and Tyootr Inc., a Delaware corporation in the United States of America and its affiliate companies (collectively, “Company”, or “we” or “us” or “our” concerning your involvement as a Freelancer.

Performance by Freelancers

As a Freelancer your contract is binding only with Tyootr for payments and with Tyootr partners (trainingPro and edOS) for delivery of services as described in the “Marketplace Partner Agreement”.

  • Only registered users may buy and sell on Tyootr Marketplace. Registration is free. In registering for an account, you agree to provide us with accurate, complete and updated information and must not create an account for fraudulent or misleading purposes. You are solely responsible for any activity on your account and for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your password. We are not liable for any acts or omissions by you in connection with your account.
  • Gigs on Tyootr Marketplace may be offered at a price decided by the Freelancer. The pricing may vary depending on the gigs (per gig, per day or total hours).
  • Tyootr partners pay Tyootr in advance to create an order or hire a Freelancer.
  • Orders are purchased through the Order button found on a Tyootr Marketplace Gig page or through a Custom Offer.
  • For fees and payments please visit your Gigs by Tyootr account.
  • Freelancers must fulfill their orders, and may not cancel orders on a regular basis or without cause. Cancelling orders will affect Freelancers reputation and status.
  • Freelancers gain account statuses (verified badge) based on their performance and reputation. Advanced levels provide their owners with benefits, including offering services for higher prices and gain more visibility.
  • Tyootr Partners may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an order through Tyootr Marketplace.
  • When purchasing a Gig, Tyootr Partners are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the Freelancer on their Gig page. Some Gigs may have extras which is agreed with the Tyootr Partners in advance.
  • Tyootr retains the right to use all published delivered works and reviews for marketing and promotion purposes.
  • We care about your privacy. You can read our Privacy Policy here. The Privacy Policy is a part of these Terms of Service and incorporated herein by reference.
  • Tyootr Partners are solely responsible to administer training events and use of their student information on hiring professional trainers services.
  • You (Freelancer) understand that, You will not request student contact details or any other personal data during the event unless or otherwise stated or agreed with the Tyootr partners.
  • You understand and agree that You will indemnify Tyootr for any issues arising out of Your use of any Student data.

Identity and account security

Tyootr reserves the right to validate your information at any time, including but not limited to validation against third party databases. You are solely responsible for ensuring and maintaining the secrecy and security of your Tyootr account password. You agree not to disclose this password to anyone other than a nominated person (individual or employee of a company) and shall be solely responsible under all circumstances for any use of or action taken through the use of such password on Tyootr. You must notify Tyootr Support Team immediately if you suspect your password is lost or stolen.

General Freelancer Obligations

You will not access (or attempt to access) the Site by any means other than the interface provided, and you will not use information from the Site for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was made available.

You will not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the functioning of the Site. You will not upload or attach an invalid or malicious or unknown file.

You will not insert any external links that may be malicious or unknown to you, or used for offering any goods or services other than Services.

You agree not to "scrape" or disaggregate data from the Site (whether by manual or automated means), for any commercial, marketing, or data compiling or enhancing purpose, or to copy, re-post or re-use data from the Site for any other service.

You agree not to use or provide software (except for general purpose web browsers and email clients, or software expressly licensed by us) or services that interact or interoperate with the Site, e.g. for downloading, uploading, posting, flagging, emailing, search, or mobile use.

You are responsible for the content you upload for your online course. You agree that the content you own or you are authorized or licensed or hold necessary permissions to reproduce them. You further authorize Tyootr to reproduce, distribute, publicly display, communicate to the public, promote, market and otherwise use and exploit any of the content you have uploaded to perform the services.

You are responsible for the content you upload. Your content should not infringe any intellectual property and or copyright of a third party. Tyootr will not pay or purchase licenses for any third party content uploaded by You. This will include and not limited to music recordings, video footage, images etc.,

You will not post, provide and engage in a conversation with students, students under the age of 18 and or under the age of 13 which are inappropriate, racist, sexist, incorrect, false, misleading or anything which is against the law.

If you are under age of 18, you agree and only use the services under the involvement, supervision or approval of the parent or a legal guardian.

Performance by Freelance Trainer

As a Freelance Trainer you can deliver training courses for training events organized by Training Companies (“Professional Training Companies accredited by Tyootr).

Freelance Trainers can apply for training events or opportunities posted by Training Companies in Tyootr platform. Alternatively, Training Companies can locate Freelance Trainers and contact them for their training requirements.

Freelance Trainers can list their average training fee per day in their profile or provide custom offers to the Training Companies.

Training Companies can hire Freelance Trainers for their event by successfully completing the payment quoted by the Freelance Trainer.

On successfully completing the training event, Freelance trainers can withdraw their earnings after clearance from the Training Company.

Freelance Trainer ratings are calculated based on the reviews posted by Training Companies.

Training Event

Training Event is an organized event hosted by Training Company to deliver agreed services to their delegates/ students.

Training Event can be multiple formats such as traditional classroom, webinar, trainer led virtual program or by any other terms the Training Company identifies an event.

Refunds and Cancellation

If an order is cancelled before 7 working days from the event start date (for any reason), full money is refunded to the Training Company. However, any order cancelled within 5 working days from the event start date, only 50% of the order value will be refunded to the Training Company and 30% of the revenue will be available for the Freelance Trainer to withdraw.

Freelance Trainer Payments and taxes

Freelance Trainers are responsible for paying any direct or indirect taxes, including any GST, VAT or otherwise, which may apply to them depending on residency or location. Freelance Trainers represent and warrant that they comply, and will comply at all times, with their obligations under income tax provisions in their jurisdiction.

Freelance Trainers earning will be 85% of the total revenue paid by the training company towards the training event.

Freelance Trainers can withdraw their earnings through PayPal accounts or any other payment methods Tyootr acknowledges.

Freelance Trainer may quote the total price inclusive of travel, accommodation or any other associated expense in performing the services as agreed with the Training Company. Alternatively, the Training Company can arrange the logistics for the event. However, any costs associated in relation to the event should be agreed by the Freelance Trainer and the Training Company prior to the event. Tyootr will not be responsible for any such costs or transactions.

Account preferences

You, as a Freelance Trainer may choose to delete your Instructor account. Tyootr will remit outstanding balances as agreed in the payment terms.

Changes to this Agreement

Tyootr reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Terms under which Tyootr Website ( is offered. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions. Tyootr encourages you to periodically review the Terms to stay informed of our updates.

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